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Membership Information

Your dues support Margaret's research, the DNA project, the quarterly Newsletter and other work of the Curtin Clan. Paid members receive our quarterly newsletter and access to CurtinNews is an online message board for members.  


To join please complete the Clan Membership Form Word format or PDF format and send it with your funds or email it to        


Membership is $30 USD (or equivalent) for one year.  The two year membership is $55 USD (or equivalent).  If paying in Euro, the cost is 30E for one year or two years for 55E. We can accept payment in Australian dollars for those using PayPal. The amount would be 46 AUD for 1 year and 84 AUD for 2 year.  The annual membership period starts the month after you join. For example, if you join in September, your renewal date would be October 1 of the following year.

Using PayPal - Please complete the Clan Membership form and follow the PayPal instructions below.  Send the completed form to the address below or cut and paste the form into an email and send to
Use the Friends and Families option to save us service fees.


Paying by check - Only US dollars and Euro accepted.  For other currencies please use PayPal. Complete the application at the bottom of this page and send it along with your payment to address below.  Checks should be drawn on a bank in the United States in Dollars or in Ireland in Euro and made payable to:  The Curtin Clan, Inc. Send form and check to:


    In United States and Canada                                                In Ireland

                Dan Curtin                                                               Katherine Walshe

             Clan Treasurer                                                                 Clan Chair

                   Box 9                                                                       Ivy Cottage

     Adirondack, New York 12808                                                  Orchard Avenue

                                                                                         Newmarket, Co. Cork, P51 A3YO


Any questions, email



Click here for the PayPal website. Enter your email address, the Clan's email address -, and enter the amount.   The next screen will direct you to options for paying.

Use the "Friends and Family" option to save us service fees.

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