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Barb Bolar sent this message on 3/22/2024

Considering joining and attending a gathering. Would like to do a DNA profile first. Any suggestions about reputable test kit companies? Have no idea who to use. Connection: great great grandfather Timothy Curtin was aboard the Peter Robinson ship, the Star.


Response: The Clan has used FamilyTreeDNA as its DNA testing firm since 2005. There are over 450 Curtin descendants in their database. Information about the 2024 Gathering, July 26-28, 2024, can be found on

Jane Rossman wrote on 2/12/2024

I accidentally found your site while researching Bear Swamp, Sempronius. This is where my grandmother was born in 1895 to John Forrest and Ellen Lane. My grandmother talked so often of the Curtins and the Duggans. She was a talker and what she left me with were names - so many people enriched her life. Her name was Katey Forrest. I had traced some of her mother's ancestry back to Brosna. Her mother, Ellen Lane (was once spelled Leane) must have been friends with your ancestors back "home" in Ireland. Just wanted to say hello. How interesting that Anne Emperor's life was similar to mine, including receiving a master's degree from Nazareth College and being a teacher. If ever there is a 'story' or a memory of my grandmother and my great-grandmother, please oh please let me know. As the years go by, I find myself wanting to more and more about my roots. Jane

Jennifer Feeney wrote on 1/15/2024

Hello, I am researching my great grandmother Annie F Curtin born 1865 ,Daughter of Daniel Curtin and Mary (?) My father believes them to be from Sherkin Island , or possibly Baltimore, Cork Ireland. Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Jennifer Feeney

On  Sat, Jan 13, 2024 Dan Lenehan wrote 


Subject: Daniel Curtin and Mary Lenihan in 1851

I’m looking for a man named “Daniel Lenahan” who we believe was born in ~1850 in Ireland.  He did well in the USA and had a very large family.  Many of us continue to try and find his birth place in Ireland, although, he didn’t speak of Ireland much and has left us guessing.  The records for Daniel Lenahan b1850 appear to be non-existent.

We came across a birth in 1851 of an illegitimate child “Daniel” fathered by Daniel Curtin with a Mary Lenihan in Limerick.  The child was baptized on Nov 4, 1851 in Monagea, Limerick.  Subsequently, a Daniel Curtin migrated to the US in 1865.  These two dates match information that we have on his birth year and arrival year in the US.  It is possible that he was raised as Daniel Curtin and traveled alone to the US as Daniel Curtin and then adopted his mother’s name some time after arrival.


We know this sounds like a really long shot, but feel we need to verify it or eliminate it.  I and a number of my family members have DNA on Ancestry, MyHeritage, etc…  I’m looking for Curtin family members in Limerick around the 1850s whose decedents  I can try and match our DNA against.  Does anyone know of this Daniel Curtin who fathered this child in 1851?


This would make a hell of a story…


-Dan Lenehan b1955

On Sun, Dec 24, 2023 at 8:31 AM Mary Murphy wrote:

Response to Isabelle Millett 

Please forward my email address to Isabelle who queried the emperor family Rockchapel , I will be very happy to assist her.

Kind regards,
Mary Murphy Nee Curtin

Name: Isabella Millett 


Dear Curtin Clan, I hope you are well. I am 26 year old woman from London, whose family is from Irish descent. My grandmother's maiden name is Emperor and she was born in Rockchapel in County Cork. I believe the Curtins and the Emporers are very connected through marriage / area etc. I have searched a lot online but finding it hard to trace the exact connection, aside from a few marriage certificates here and there. I understand your previous chief was Anne Emperor and descended from County Cork Curtins. I am sorry to hear about Anne's passing as I would have loved to have spoken to her. Very curious that her surname is Emperor as I have not met or heard of another Emperor before. I hope you may be able to help in some way. You may interested to know that my great uncle, John Emperor designed the famous Babycham logo in the 1960s. Thank you.


On Mon, Oct 23, 2023

Kate M 


I am researching my grandfather's (Jeremiah Curtin b.1916) family. He was born in Kilcaulleen, Tournafulla, Co. Limerick.  As you will see below, I believe I have found his grandfather and great-grandfather through civil and church records. 

I was wondering if you would have any information on this line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




From: Ben Curtin 
Date: Sun, Jul 16, 2023 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Story


Response to William Theiss' message submitted January 24, 2023


Hello from Ben Curtin. I live in Sydney, Australia and am a descendant of Cornelius John Curtin (1854-1936), who lived in Jerilderie NSW. Cornelius' brother, Michael J Curtin (1838-1896) also lived in Jerilderie. Cornelius is my great grandfather, and Michael is my great uncle.


Cornelius and Michael's parents are John Denis Curtin (1806-1890) and Johanna O'Connor (1810-1874). John and Johanna had 16 children and hailed from Brosna, Kerry, Ireland. Cornelius emigrated to Idaho USA in the 1870s and then later came to Australia in the early 1880s. Not much is known about his time in the USA or about his siblings (other than Michael)


I am happy to get in touch with other members of the family.  Thank you, Ben

Note - I have forwarded Ben's email to Bill Theiss. Dan 7/19/2023



Phoebe Curtin 

 Wed, Jul 5, 2023 at 2:24 AM


Hey! My name is Phoebe Curtin. I’m 24 and live in New Zealand. I came across this website and find it super interesting!


Vickie Jean Gaines sent this message on  7/3/2023

John Richard (Curtin) Pierce, son of Gwendolyn Pierce, Jack Curtin passed away on June 26, 2023. Age 89. T y


See earlier story from January 2, 2015 about her father John Richard (Curtin) Pierce.


Catherine Green email on Jun 21, 2023

addition to my previous query - see 10/27/2020

I had written before about efforts on Daniel Curtin 1832 Kerry -1870 NYC

Here is his gravestone, confirming “Brosna” not Bresla as in some records in NY

He died in NY NY Jan 10 1870 and is buried in Calvary, Woodside, Queens



Lynette Forde this email on 4/15/2023

Captain Cornelius Curtin is my 8th Great-grandfather who was executed at Dublin Castle in 1724. He married my 8th great-grandmother Catherine O'Donovan and the family was later exiled to France. Their eldest son Cornelius (Jr) my 7th Great-Grandfather now known as the McCurtin ascended to the rank of the French Nobility under Louis XV. His brother my 7th great-uncle Daniel joined the Spanish army and was granted land in Florida and became the ancestor of the McCurtin line of Choclaw Chieftains and in Ireland his descendent Margret Hororia Curtain (Curtin) married into my House of the Barons Fermoy through my Roche family connection to Lady Diana and William and Harry.

Jani Sparr sent this email on 4/8/2023

Reply to Barry Curtin:

Hi! I just found this site. I am related to Curtins through my 3X great grandmother, Catherine Curtin. She was from Watergrasshill. She married a Collins, sailed to America with 7 children, lived in New York state for quite awhile, then up and moved to little old Oto, Iowa (northwest Iowa) with her husband and 11 children. She is buried in the Catholic cemetery in rural Oto, Iowa. I would love to visit Watergrasshill. I was near there last fall, but on a bus tour, so couldn't stop. Hope you get this message, Barry

 Margaret Curtain              3/2/2023


To Patty in WA with regard to Kildenora Curtin lines. I have quite a few Curtin lines from Kilfenora Parish, Co Clare in my files. Julie Merrington's ancestry is in my File 10 and the ancestry for Sheila Morrison's Curtin connections is from Killavullen, near Mallow, Co Cork.

Patty Freeburg                       2/28/2023


I just read a 10 year old note posted in December, 2013 from Sheila R Morrison.

In case she is still interested, can you reply to her that, “Yes” I am a Curtin loving in Western WA.  There are a few of us.

Thank you.

Patty Freeburg                       2/28/2023

Just this evening I read Julie Merrington’s message from 11/7/2021. If possible, please relay this message to her. 


I don’t see very much information about Curtins from Kilfenora, so I thought I’d pass this on.  My maternal great grandmother, Catherine Curtin was born to Andrew Curtin (born in
Lickeen) and Bridget Kennedy on February 16, 1842 in Lickeen, Kilfenora.  Catherine married John Lacey on February 22, 1871 in Catholic Chapel, Kilfenora. She died on September 14, 1925 in Ballyvorda, Co. Clare.
Catherine’s siblings were:
Bridget, born September 1, 1837
Honora, born October w, 1839
Andrew, born July 21, 1844
Margaret, born February 3, 1848

I know nothing about Catherine’s family except this information passed on to me by our historian,  Margaret.

Pat Rovero                     2/23/2023

Add a message: Are there any past or present descendants of Michael "Rua" Curtin of Rockmount or Miltown Malbay that have Family records that include his dates of birth or death or earlier history than 1800? Are there any present day descendants who presently live in the old Rockmount area or rebuilt house that he used to live in in Rockmount now? PAR

Message Details:

Pat Rovero                2/13/2023

 I am descended from Curtins and Michael "Rua" Curtin of Miltown Malbay Ireland on my maternal grandmother and John O'Connor from Doolin or Lough on my paternal side we have traced several generations back. My mom emigrated from Miltown in 1946 followed later by 2 siblings the other had previously gone to England. Please tell me more of what you do. PAR

Message Details: 2/10/2023 updated 2/11/2023

Kristin Bellister

Does anyone have Johanna Curtain in their history?

I don't know if Johanna Curtain was a common name. I show her born in Ireland around 1825-1827. She married John McCaissy (b. 1825). My mother told me that Johanna was an indentured servant. She had two children, Patrick (b. 1860 in Canada) and Mary Margaret (b. 1850 in Durham, Canada). Mary Margaret married Laurentius O'Donnell in Ontario, Canada. She died in Ironwood, Michigan.


William Theiss submitted the following on January 24, 2023

Found a few Curtin relatives living in Australia , Michael J. Curtin, and his brother Cornelius J. Curtin, living Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia, but did not find any living relatives. Would you have any info of there living relatives, if so would love to contact them. Thanks, Bill Theiss

On Mon, Sep 5, 2022 Mary Ellen Bradshaw  wrote:

I was just browsing the Curtin Clan and came across the post from “John” in 2/21 about his great grandfather, Cornelius Curtin. I have some family information to share.
Cornelius Curtin was born in 1902 in Rockchapel, Co Cork and arrived in America in the 1920’s. Both he and his brother, my father Maurice, left Ireland after the Civil War having served in the IRA and opposing partition. He lived in NY and four of his seven children are still alive and  living in that general area. Since “Con”,  as he was known, was John’s great grandfather, I was wondering who of the seven had been John’s grandparent? It may be possible that he could still contact him/her or at least a grand-uncle or grand-aunt.
Further family history: Con had two brothers including my father and the eldest, David, who remained in Cork. He also had three sisters, Annie Agnes also remaining in Cork, Mae and the youngest, Joan, in the US. All have passed on including Con in 1964.  However, there are many close Curtin relatives still around both in Ireland and in America.
Mary Ellen (Curtin) 9/5/22

Julia Bliss sent a message on September 3, 2022

My grandmother was Delia Carl(Curtin). I would love to connect. I am named after Julia T Lyons.


Gaye Sorah sent a message on July 22, 2022

My deceased mother Ane (Anne Curtin) came to England and worked as a nurse. She married my father a Protestant and RAF officer. No one from Ireland supported her. I think her mother was called Susan and her alcoholic father Michael. She never spoke of them. I am 63. I am triplet but my two brothers are deceased. I would like to see if I have an extended family in Ireland


Elizabeth McDonough sent a message on May 27, 2022 

My mother is Kathleen Curtin, who's dad Thomas Curtin is from County Kerry, Ireland - "Knights Mountain".

Message Details: 3/3/2022

First Name: Jerry Glenn

Add a message: As a new member of the Roland Curtin Foundation for the preservation of Eagle Iron Works and Curtin Village in Pennsylvania, I've become infected with the Curtin bug. This is actually not new. My great-great grandfather Jeremiah Darby Glenn (about 1789-1876), born in Ennis, Ireland emigrated to the the US in May, 1831 and came to Curtin. For three more generations my family lived side-by-side with the Curtins. The person I'm interested in most is Jeremiah's wife, Margaret Curtin, about 17 years his junior. I wondered where her lineage fits in to the Curtins already in Pennsylvania when she arrived. She might have come at the same time as her future husband, but I'm uncertain. I found a baptismal record for Margaret Curtin at St Mary's, Cork City Sep 29, 1810. The parents of that child are Jeremiah Curtin (born roughly 1785) and Catherine Hasset (born roughly 1790). It is there that the trip runs cold. I've tried my best using Ancestry and Family Search, but I'm new to genealogy. Can you point me in the right direction? Your books must hold the answer. Thanks. Jerry Glenn. Check out the blog on the Curtin Village website. Here's the link ...


On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 3:18 PM Helen Mulcahy wrote


Hi, I am interested in finding out more about specific Curtin family : Julia Curtin who

 married James D. O'Sullivan both of Knockacluggin Co Cork. in Particular Julia an her siblings.

Not sure if these are the Parents of Julia Curtin: Marriage:

Timothy Curtin and Ellen Lehane 3/3/1835 in Newmarket. James D. Sullivan

was a relative of mine.


thanks, Helen O'Sullivan Mulcahy

Julie Merrington sent the following message on 11/7/2021

In County Clare, Ireland, around 1838, in Kilfenora, William Curtin (whose father was John Curtin – a farmer and mother Margaret Foley), married Margaret Conole (whose mother was Honora Nestor and father Patrick Conole - a farmer). In the Tithe Applotment books for Kilfenora in 1827, a Patrick Conole had land about one and a half kilometres from Kilfenora at Ballybreen. The Nestor name is also very common around this area. In the Kilshanny ejection records of 1832/33, the names of Augustine, Honora, James, Michael and Patrick Nestor are shown as being ejected from land owned by Thomas Blood, the local large landholder. In the 1834 Tithe Applotment books, a John and a Thomas Nestor are named. Patrick and Honora Conole had at least four children that I have found, John (born c. 1817), Margaret (born c.1819), Honora (born c. 1824) and Denis (born c. 1830). According to her death certificate, from information given by her husband William, Margaret was 27 at the time of her marriage. The couple had at least seven children in Ireland before the family emigrated to Australia. I have only been able to find birth certificates for 4 of the children. The others are named on William’s death certificate. Young William, Daniel and Michael must have died young before the family left Ireland. I have not been able to find the evidence of John and Patrick’s births in Kilfenora, but this may be because the records did not begin until about 1842, or they may have been born in another parish. On the 11th of February, 1844, little Mary Curtin was baptised in Kilfenora. Her parents, William Curtin and Margaret Conole were supported by Mary’s sponsors, Denis and Honora Conole. Denis was possibly Margaret’s brother who later came out to Australia and Honora may have been either Margaret’s sister or mother. Margaret Conole’s younger sister, Honora left Ireland and arrived in Australia on the 27th of November 1851 on the ship “Hooghly”. She was a dairy maid, aged 24, sponsored by Mr John Kirby from the Benevolent Asylum for 3 months and to be paid 20 shillings. She married Cornelius Hortigan in 1853. Honora (Mrs Hortigan) died in1880, aged 56 years. (#488 Melbourne, catholic church). Then in 1852, the Curtin family followed Honora and arrived in Australia. William Curtin was described as an agricultural labourer who could both read and write, aged 36 years on his shipping document (therefore born c. 1816 but aged 38 according to his death certificate). He and his wife Margaret (nee Conole) aged 33 years (who could read only) on the shipping document (therefore b. c.1819?) and their children Patrick (aged 13), John (aged 12) and Mary Ann (aged 7 years), sailed from Plymouth 5/11/1851 on the “Joshua” as assisted immigrants, arriving in Hobson’s Bay on the 30/1/1852 (an 86 day trip). Denis Conole, Margaret’s brother, also arrived in the colony 2 years later as an unassisted immigrant. Denis became a policeman and is mentioned in quite a few police reports. When he died in 1885, aged 55 years #6802 Sandhurst, his death certificate showed his father as Patrick Conole and his mother was Honora Nester. (Therefore, he was born circa 1830, so younger than Margaret). After 21 months in the colony, Margaret died in Sandridge (now Port Melbourne) on the 24th of October 1853. Her husband William gave her age on death as 43 years. In July, 1855 William left to return to Ireland via Liverpool on the “Marco Polo” (aged 54 on the shipping documents) and took with him his 10 year old daughter Mary. William returned to Kilfenora and married in 1856 (aged 49 years according to his death cert – at odds with his shipping document again) Honora Garden (or Gardin), the daughter of Maurice Garden and Ann Power. Honora was born in 1836, so she was only 20 years old when she married. The witnesses were Michael Kellaurhy(?) and Mary Conole (a relative of his first wife?). Honora arrived in Australia in 1858 with her infant son, William as an assisted immigrant, a housekeeper and only 21 years of age. She is also in a group listed as ‘Widows’. Her step-daughter Mary was also on the “Caractacus”, and is listed as staying ‘with friends’. Is this the cheapest way for the two women to get back to Australia? Honora and William had at least 4 children, 2 girls, one who apparently died young, and 2 boys. I have as yet been unable to find when William returned to Australia. One possibility is that he became part of the ship’s crew. On Williams death certificate, his occupation was given as 'School Master" Did he come as the ship's school master? So, Mary became the girl who travelled between Ireland and Australia 3 times by the age of 14, between 1852 and 1858. She had completed 3 long arduous voyages halfway around the world. Her experience was very unusual for those times. What stories she could have told!! Mary Ann Parkinson (nee Curtin) died quite young on the 10th March 1884 aged 40, and is buried in the Bendigo cemetery. Her youngest child was 5 years old. Only 8 months later, husband George travelled from Bendigo to Adelaide (a distance of over 600 km) to marry 29 year old Catherine Ann Curtin, the daughter of a Thady (Timothy) Curtin. I have been unable to find a relationship between this lady and William Curtin’s family. Do any of these names sound familiar to people in this group? My gedmatch number is #JT9958366 and my mother Nancy's is #RN5143438. I should love to hear any more stories about our Curtin family.


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Julie Merrington  sent the following message on 9/7/2021  

Carmel Curtin Burke Carmel sent the following message: 11/30/2017 My Dad is from Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland. His grandfather John and John's two brothers Timothy and Michael went to Brookfield, Mass in late 1800's. Only my dad's grandfather returned. Is there any way to trace what might have become of Timothy And Michael. Also, Roland Curtin, (the father of Andrew Gregg Curtin Governor of Penn. who was prominent in the civil war), left Clare in the late 1700's is there any record of Roland's family background in County a Clare and who his relatives might now be in a Clare. There is no connection between The Curtins of the Roadside Tavern and ourselves. These come from the descendants of the Miltown Malbay Curtins whereas our Curtins originally came from Kilfenora, Co. Clare but my relations went to Lisdoonvarna in the middle 1800's. Many Thanks.Carmel Curtin Burke.


My Curtins also came from Kilfenora. I'm just wondering if Carmel's Curtins and mine may be related (It is a very small place).

Len Curtin sent the following message on 7/10/2021     

Good Afternoon fellow Curtins - I have been a passive member of the Curtin Clan for roughly a decade now, and have begun to develop some interest in trying to become a Citizen of Ireland. I don't know a lot of my family tree on the Irish side, but I do remember that my father, Thomas Armstrong Curtin, born in Boston, Masssachusetts, told me his father, Francis Patrick Curtin, was also born in Boston. He also told me his Grand Father, (I don't know his name) was born in Ireland. Is there someone within our Clan that would help me chart my family tree back to Ireland? Does anyone know if I have any hope of becoming an Irish Citizen if neither my father or grandfather were born in Ireland? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You very much, Fondly, Len Curtin

Jane Ellen D'Entremont  sent the following messages on 4/16/2021

My MARGARET CURTIN, b. 1850, married JOHN MOLONEY, "The Captain", of Doolin. They were my Gr.Gr.Grandparents. Is this MARGARET in your research project? Thank you. Jane Ellen D'Entremont Tewksbury, MA


Kieran sent the following message on 4/2/2021

Hi, I’m trying to trace any information on my mother’s side GGGrandmother Ellen Curtin born abt 1820 died 25 Feb 1882, Brosna. Married to Dennis Lane born abt 1822 died 21 May 1891, daughters Hanora and Bridget. Any help greatly appreciated. Kieran


Beth Schroeder sent the following message on 2/14/2021 - (late addition to stories list)

Could I add an update to my message from six years ago?


original message Beth McGinnis Schroeder sent the following message on 7/23/2014: My Curtin connection is a paternal greatgrandmother Catherine (Kate) Curtin, born about 1853 in Mobile, AL, US. Her parents were Thomas Curtin (about 1826-1871) and Margaret Howe (about 1828-1889). They were both born in Ireland, but we don’t know what county or town. Their children were John, Kate, Thomas, James and George. The immigrant Thomas,Sr had a younger brother Michael also in Mobile who married Ann Joice. Thomas took in Michael’s children, John and another Kate when their parents had both died. A court record exists regarding guardianship. Thomas and Michael both served in the Civil War and survived. Military records exist. There are also census, naturalization, marriage and baptism records. None identify parents or origin other than Ireland. Can anyone help us find this information?


UPDATE 2/14/2021: Found a baptismal record for this couple in Margaret's file "Co Cork Curtin Marriage and Baptisms" on this website, so we now have a place for them. Baptism was in Kilworth RC parish on Mar 4, 1847. If anyone has info about this Curtin family in Cork, please let me know. Thanks!

David Mahan sent the following message on 4/3/2021

hi, i am researching my irish heritage. my great grandmother, Elizabeth John Curtin (1861-1929) married John William Mahan in 1885, probably in the sacramento/roseville ca area. i believe she was born in the co of kerry, ireland?

Susan Riley  sent the following message on Mar 17, 2021,

I am trying to locate further information on my Curtin line.


My 3x great grandmother was Mary Curtin, (1818 - 6/15/1874)
born in Abbeyfeale, Limerick, County, Ireland. died in Ardagh,
Newcastle, Co. Limerick, Munster, Ireland. She married my 3x great grandfather 

Jeremiah “Darby”(Foran) Ford, (1819 - 12/16/1889) born in Abbeyfeale, County
Limerick, Ireland, died in Ardagh, Newcastle, Co., Limerick, Munster, Ireland


I can go back as far as her parents (below) but hoping you may have further information:

Laurence Curtin (1796 - 6/24/1880) born in Ireland, died in Mallow, Cork County, Munster

Province, Ireland


Catherine (Morney) Curtin (1797 - 6/9/1876) born in ? Ireland, died in Mallow, Cork County, Munster Province, Ireland


Thank you!


Susan Riley, Buffalo New York


John sent the following message on 2/19/2021  See Mary's Ellen's response on 9/5/2022

Hello, My great grandfather was Cornelious "Connie" Curtin who came to the united states from County Clair or Cork Ireland in the early 1900's maybe the 20's? He married Elizabeth Morgan and they had 7 children 2 boys David and Connie... and 5 daughters Marie, Winifred, Betty, and twins Anna and Catherine. I do not know his brothers and sisters names, I remember stories that he may have ran from the "Irish mob" to escape some trouble he may have gotten himself in. but for all I know that was just a story he or someone else made to embelish his background.
I dont know if there is any beter records kept in ireland to access information, I'd love to learn more.



Deborah L Harrington sent the following message on 1/21/2021:


What I know is that I`m the great granddaughter of Mary Curtin (believe she was born approx. 1844), who married Patrick Shine, February 23, 1868, in Newmarket. No mother's was listed, but a John Curtin was listed. They had 9 children, Catherine, Patrick, John, James (my grandfather), Denis, Mary Ann, Daniel, Bridget and Nora.

My grandfather came to America (Boston Massachusetts) in 1901. 

Beyond her being listed on the marriage license, I can't find anything about her or my 2x great grandparents. 

Came across the Curtin Clan and thought this might provide direction or answers.


Dan O'Connor sent the following message on 11/20/2020:

I was most interested in Catherine Cotter Brady's message posted on 16th June. William Leahy was my great great grandfather. His daughter Mary Leahy Prindable was my father's maternal grandmother and he was living with her in Knockeragh Tullylease when he died in 1911. I have recently established that his wife, my great great grandmother was Mary Curtin. I have found a record in Newmarket of the marriage of William Leahy and Hanora Curtin. I was leaving this aside until I saw mentions of Mary Hanora Curtin on Ancestry and on Catherine Cotter Brady's post.
I would be really grateful if Catherine could tell me the names of Cathrtine Curtin Leahy's husband and his father. I would also love to know who told her about Mary Hanora Curtin.

Note - message forwarded to Catherine Brady

Elizabeth Sullivan  sent the following message on 10/29/2020


Hi there
I am seeking information from American Curtins, or possibly Australia or elsewhere! My Grandmother was Lizzie (Elizabeth/ Eliza) Curtin (b. 1894, d. 1960) and she was from MILTOWN MALBEY. The family lived a few miles from the town, on a small plot of land. Her parents were Thady (Timothy) Curtin (b. 1850) and Mary Curtin (nee Gallagher, b. 1861). Mary was the local midwife. Lizzie emigrated at age 12 with a stepsister, to Australia (where a stepbrother lived) then to NZ, where she settled here. Most of her family emigrated to America in late 1800s, and a couple went to Australia. The names of lizzies siblings were Margaret (b.1883) patrick (b.1887) norah (b. 1890) Matilda (b.1892) and Kate (b.1900). Lizzie also had 6 other older step sisters and brothers (as her father had been married previously/wife died). They are Bridget (b1871), Pat (b.1872), Timothy (b.1874) mary (b.1876) Honor (b. 1878) and Martin (b.1879) Many also went to America.
It would be very helpful if anyone recognises any of these people, we have very little info from this side of the family line. Thank you!

Catherine Green sent the following message on 10/27/2020: 

Hello clan Curtin historian. I have been working in records on Findmypast and for Daniel CURTIN because a man of this name was witness to marriage of my William O'connor in NYC in 1867. My William O'Connor was from county Kerry and we have consistent DNA matches to Castleisland/Brosna area Kerry "cousins." So it was of interest to me particularly, when I found a Daniel Curtin married Mary Bresnahan in 1856 in NYC and Daniel's birthplace recorded by priest as "Brosnan Kerry" with his bride Mary from Castleisland. Daniel Curtin with a wife Mary Bresnahan in Emigrant Savings account book signed "his mark" illiterate - birthplace ""Bresla" Kerry. I feel confident this must mean Daniel Curtin was from Brosna parish of Kerry ...I just thought, perhaps all this data I am gathering will be of use for your files ? Daniel states also, he came in 1854 to NY on ship Columbia. Ancestry's index recorded him as Dr Curtin age 18 but on the page it is clear it is D with a small letter l to abbreviate "Daniel." He was traveling solo.Daniel's occupation in NYC for many years was "junkman" however it must have been profitable. He made a will in 1868 designating various cash and properties to his wife and children and an allowance per month for his mother Mary to cover her expenses and eventual burial costs, so we know his mother's name Mary and that she was in NYC; he also left a bequest to his sister Margaret Read married to Jeremiah Read, of NYC. I of course have further of him back in Ireland than his stated year of birth 1831, since that parish's records do not exist that early, unless you happen to have anything so early from Brosna ? Daniel was in the mortality index of 1870 census. In regular 1870 NYC census there is a David Curtin in household with the widow Mary in 1870 after Daniel died; the house # was 334 E. 48th, the address of home Daniel left to his beloved widow Mary. Per city directory this David Curtin, age 35 in 1870, was in liquors at 1063 Second Ave and h 334 E. 48th. Directory that same year also listed Benjamin Curtin, laborer, h. 334 E. 48th. After all the detailed searches for Daniel Curtin I am really no closer to knowing if the Daniel Curtin witness on the marriage record of William O'connor is the same as this Daniel Curtin of Brosna ... I do hope you can file these details on a Curtin of Brosna for your records, and perhaps the information may be of some use to someone. I've not found any family trees for these people. At the time that Daniel made his will in 1868 he had a son James "about ten" a baby Francis "9 months" and a daughter Mary Anne. The 1870 household on 48th st in census is David Curtin, presumably a brother of the deceased; Mary, 30; James, 10, Mary 5 and Frank,2. Daniel also in his will left a sum up to $1,000 for the cost of his grave marker at Calvary cemetery so I now await my photo request with Findagrave for his marker; that may give any more detail on his birthplace or other information. all best, Catherine Green


Michael Smith sent the following message on 10/23/2020

My name is Mike Smith. My Great--Aunt was Anastasia Ann Mary Curtin, born in Rockchapel Cork in 1826-1865. She married Denis Sheahan and moved to Boston.

They had a son Denis F Curtin in 1857. She died in Indiana in 1865. Her brother Patrick Curtin 1836-1901 was my Great Grandfather. His Father was Daniel David Curtin 1794-1874, born in Cork City Cork. Anastasia's sister Bridget Curtin 1830-1900 died in Cook, Illinois. Does anyone recognize these as ancestors?John F Buckley sent the following message: on 9/2/2020

Hello, seeking any information regarding Ellen Buckley Moriarity, born in Ireland and died in Rosendale NY in SEP, 1889. Ellen's parents were Denis Foley and Kate Curtin. I have seen on the website a John Curtin married Julia Moriarity and lived in Rosendale. I am wondering if John and Kate were possibly related?


Debbie Marshall sent the following message on July 27, 2020:

Hello I wonder if you can help me, I came across this page and thought I would contact you. I am looking for a Margaret Curtin, I believe she was my GGGrandmother and Married my GGGrandfather. Daniel O'Connell I can not find a wedding certificate. I have searched and searched and can not find any thing. Thinking around 1834. I would have though Born and Married in Ireland but I could be wrong. If you have any information at all that would be amazing. I imagen there would have been children too. I keep my fingers crossed and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


Debbie Marshall

Catherine Cotter Brady Sent this message on: 6/16/2020 9:28:29 PM

Subject: I have Curtins from the Newmarket, Cork area on my maternal side

Hello! My grandmother was Catherine Curtin Leahy (born 1902) and my great grandparents were John C Curtin and Kate O’Callaghan Sheehy Curtin. My grandfather’s paternal grandmother was Mary Honora Curtin (1825-1897), who married William John Leahy. Do you have additional information on any of these Curtins?


Catherine Cotter Brady


Colleen Curtin Miceli  sent the following message on 2/17/2020:


I’m hoping you can give me some information about William F. Curtin, born 1872?, emigrated 1872, as an infant, I think. In some documents he says he was born in New Jersey, but I do think I found his emigration record. But I’m not sure at all. I know he lived in Troy, NY. Not sure of parent’s names...I think Thomas and Mary, but cannot find her maiden name. Don’t know where they came from, but I think County Cork? Really not sure of much, so anything you can tell me would be great. Thank you!,

Colleen Curtin Miceli

Patricia Freeburg sent the following 2 messages on 1/20/2020:


 I am trying to figure out if/how I fit into the Curtin Clan. My great grandmother, Catherine Curtin lived from 2/16/1842-1925. She was married to John Lacey on 2/21/1871 in Kilfenora, County Clare. I know more about the Laceys than about the Curtins. How do I find out if I am related to the clan?

Judith Curtin who lives in the Chicago area says we are related. There is also a Mary Curtin, some how related, whom I believe lives in Ennistymon.



I just read a message from Michael Curtin sent the following message 12/14/2018:
Looking for info on Patrick Curtin born in County Clare ( understand still have family there) according to his marriage records in Boston Ma. his father was John and his Mother was Mary O'Loughlin . He married a Anne Looney in Boston June 1900 . believe one of his brothers paid passage abt 1896 . Patrick is my Great Grandfather. He and Anne had 5 Sons and a Daughter in the Somerville Ma area. John Joseph was the oldest and my grandfather born in 1901. Believe Patrick was born abt 1874

If he is still interested...My grandmother, Catherine Curtin b. 2-16-1842 was most likely born in Co. Clare as she married my great grandfather, John Lacey. They lived in Ballyvorda where family still lives on the land.

I am happy to share what I know, though it is more likely about the Lacey family vs. the Curtins.


Jenet Peers sent the following message on 1/8/2020:


A relative of mine - Joan/Joanna Coppinger married a Cornelius Curtin junior in 1722 in Cork, Ireland.
We have several Joan/Joannas in the family tree (available at and I was wondering whether you have any more information about him or her so I know which Joan/Joanna to attach him to. The Copingers/Coppingers were quite important at the time so I assume Cornelius Curtain would be of an equivalent standing in the community.. I am assuming his father was Cornelius too..
Kind regards
Jenet Peers (nee Copinger)


Jason Harvey sent the following message 10/30/2019

My name is Jason Harvey. My Second Great Grandmother was Millie Ellen Wetterer (Day). I am trying to research her family line back in Ireland. She would often boast that her family was "...a 'Lace Curtin' family from County Cork, Ireland." Her family came to America in the mid 18th Century. Her DOB: October 29, 1875. Her DOD: January 25, 1954. She was the daughter of Abasalom D. Day and Amanda Elizabeth Day. I know that this is very little to go off in regards to the Curtin Clan. Would you have any advice for me as to how I can connect the proud link of "Lace Curtin" and my GG Grandmother?

I know this "ask for assistance" is probably a leap. I have been trying to make this connection for years. My family plans to take a trip to Ireland next year-for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We'd love to see sites/estates that the family had in Ireland. Thanks in advance for ANY help you can provide!!!


Aaron Daniel Curtin sent the following message on 10/24/2019

Hello fellow Curtins,

My name is Aaron Daniel Curtin. I live in Davis, Ca with my wife, Princess Curtin and sons, Aaron Torrecer Curtin and Alex-Chaun Torrecer Curtin.

I was adopted to the Curtin Clan by Daniel Farley Curtin (4/27/21-7/15/2015) in 1985. He was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Illinois before joining the priesthood and served at Holy Cross and the University of Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana. He received his doctorate in Philosophy and Religious studies and had a bachelors in Psychology. He left the church in 1978 to marry Patricia Jean Craig Curtin (2/27/41-12/05/2018) and relocated to California.


Dorothy James sent the following message on 8/27/2019:


Hi just happened upon this page. My Nans maiden name was Curtin Mary and she was from aghada not sure if that is spelt right. My Grandad was Jack Cull., they lived in Ballyannon Middleton. My nan also had a sister in Cork city who never married and had a shop, dont know her name. Just wondered if we are connected. Not very good at this as you can see. Would love any news . Thanks Dorothy xx

Rosemary Fitzpatrick nee O Sullivan sent the following message 4/5/2019:

Hi, I got your address from the Curtin Clan website and would be very grateful if you could give me some information. My grandmother was Bridget McAuliffe (d.1951) from Brosna, Co Kerry. She had a brother Denis McAuliffe. Her mother was a Fitzgerald from Kerry also. I’ve been told that there is a Curtin - Leninhan connection through this line to me.
If you have any information or if you could put me in touch with someone, I would be very grateful. I live in Canada know very little about my paternal ancestry.
Many thanks, Rosemary Fitzpatrick (nee O Sullivan).


Michael Curtin sent the following message 12/14/2018:


Looking for info on Patrick Curtin born in County Clare ( understand still have family there) according to his marriage records in Boston Ma. his father was John and his Mother was Mary O'Loughlin . He married a Anne Looney in Boston June 1900 . believe one of his brothers paid passage abt 1896 . Patrick is my Great Grandfather. He and Anne had 5 Sons and a Daughter in the Somerville Ma area. John Joseph was the oldest and my grandfather born in 1901. Believe Patrick was born abt 1874


Beth Leahy  sent the following message on 11/24/2018:

Hello - I am researching the Leahy family from Abbeyfeale, Tournafulla, Rockchapel area. My husband's line goes back to one ancestor for both sides - maternal and paternal. There are Curtins throughout the tree.
I am trying to find out how the "Widow Curtin" story is connected. I have John Laurence Curtin m. Johanna Brosnahan (Brosnan) as the earliest Curtin in my tree.. He was the father of John Curtin (1820-1876) of Barna Hill, Abbeyfeale. John married Catherine Leahy(1829-1916).

Kieran and Mary Curtin currently own the Leahy farm next to their dairy farm. This farm belonged to John "of the Avenue" Leahy.
The Widow Curtin story was told to me several times by the relatives in Abbeyfeale this past October, but no one was sure of the exact connection. The widow was evicted from her home with several children by O'Grady. Fr,. Casey and parishoners built her a lean-to to keep the family out of the elemants and then a cottage. The widow's husband and son had died from fever in the Newcastle workhouse. That is why she could not pay her bills.
Any help with her husband's name and family connections would be appreciated.
Beth Leahy


Jane Ross sent the following message on 11/9/2018:


My name is Jane Ross, and I am a descendant of the Curtin Clan. I am looking for information about my Clan to add to my and my Family Trees.

My mother is Denise Ross, born Denise Mary McLennan. She grew up in a house that was built by her Irish Grandpa, Peter Francis Curtin. Her mother was born Jane Curtin and she married James McLennan. When my Great-Grandpa Peter had an accident, my mother's family moved into his home to take care of him. They all lived in Mataura, Southland, New Zealand.

There are lots of Family Trees on and on that contain information about Peter Francis Curtin but they are not consistent. Here is what I believe to be the correct information on his family history:

Peter Francis Curtin was born in 1861 in Lavereen, Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland. (Though some Family Trees say he was born in 1859.) He is the son of Kate White and John Timothy Curtin. (Some Family Tree records say that John Timothy Curtain had a second wife named Harriet Blanco. Can anyone confirm this? Or provide information about this?)

Peter Francis Curtin immigrated to New Zealand in 1885. He married my Great Grandmother, Ellen Caterine McGowan in 1900. They had 8 children. One of those children is my Grandmother, Jane Curtin. She was born in Mataura in 1908.

I'm very interested in finding information about Peter Francis Curtin, and working backward to his father, John Timothy Curtin, and his father, and his father, and so forth. I have lots of conflicting information and I'd just loved to know the right factual information about my ancestors.

Thank you to anyone who can provide information to help me with my research.



Theodore Dachenhausen III sent the following message: on 9/1/2018


Dear Sir or Ma'am:

My name is Theodore Dachenhausen III and I am a descendant on my mother's side of Mary Curtin who came to the United States from County Clare in the early 1900s, before the First World War. Her brother Michael Curtin also emigrated at about the same time. They entered the United States via Castle Garden in New York City, and settled in Danbury, Connecticutt, where she married a man named John Hudson. I believe she was born in 1888. That's about all I know. Is there anything you can tell me of her life before coming to the United States?

Sincerely yours:
Theodore Dachenhausen III


John Lutz sent the following message: on 9/1/2018

 Is there anyone researching William Curtin 1792-1855 and his wife Ellen Barry 1797-1862 or some have her as Ellen C. Daly 1797-1862?? Place of residence and death: Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

 Thank you. . .



Sarah Curtin O'Malley sent the following message on 8/6/2018 1:32:12 AM


My grandfather, Michael Curtin, b. 1871 in Herbertstown, Limerick, emigrated first to Canada (1899?) then entered the U.S. (1902?) and married Catherine (Kate) Donovan The family lived in NYC until his death in the 1919 Flu Epidemic. His father was named Thomas, but I've been given two different names for his mother - either Bridget Malone or Mary Daly.

I have no other information on him and do not know where to start. Can you direct me?

Sally O'Malley, Clinton, New Jersey


Kelly Carter sent the following message on 7/15/2018 9:00:59 PM

 I am researching two Curtin families, looking for a possible connection between the two.

Family 1, my own:
My maternal grandparents, still living, are Roxverne Wiggins and Daryl Curtin (both b. 1949). Daryl's siblings are Dennis (b. 1946) and Joyce Liles (b. 1955). Their parents are Pauline Sensenbaugh (1921-2011) and Donovan L. Curtin (b. 24 October 1923, d. 10 July 1994, Brookville, Ohio). Donovan had a brother, Charles Cromwell Curtin (b. 8 May 1921, d. 7 March 2005).
Donovan's parents are Sarah Hester Cromwell (b. 12 April 1901, d. 11 Oct 1971) of Montgomery County, Ohio, and Paul Curtin (b. 19 Jun 1898, d. 27 Apr 1973) of Lewisburg, Ohio. Paul's siblings are Russell, Mary Charlotte Davis, and Anna M. Schwartz.
Paul's parents are Effie Cullers (1871-1945) and William Ellsworth Curtin (b. 3 Jul 1875, d. 16 May 1950), both of Preble County, Ohio. William's siblings are Clara Locke, Catherine Elizabeth Ellis, Charles Edward, Ruth May, Ozro, and Addie Wiley.
William's parents are Laura Arrasmith (1845-1911) and John Curtin (b. 14 February 1842, d. 2 November 1916), both born in Ohio. John's siblings are Mary Katherine Quire and William Franklin.
John's parents Elizabeth Floyd (1819-1893) and James Curtin (b. 1 April 1816 in Montgomery County, Ohio, d. 10 March 1873 in Preble County, Ohio).

Family 2, the family of a friend:
His maternal grandparents, still living, are Sandra and Thomas Joseph Curtin (III). Thomas' parents are Margaret St. John and Thomas Joseph Curtin, Jr. Thomas Jr. was born in Sharon, PA, and owned several businesses in Cheshire, Massachusetts. His siblings are Joseph Theodore, Gregory F, Harold L, Genevieve, Rose Mary, Katherine/Kathryn Jane Nolan, and Leo.
Thomas Jr.'s parents are Rosanna (possibly Rose Anna, Roseanna) Casey, born 1873, and Thomas Joseph Curtin, born 1868/9 in New York. Thomas Sr.'s siblings are Cornelius, John, Joseph, Jeremiah, Terrence, Annie, and Daniel.
Rosanna's parents are Jane, born in New York in 1845 and died after 1920, and Unknown Casey, who died before 1920. Jane's parents were both born in Ireland.
Thomas Sr.'s parents are Ann (d. 14 October 1915, New York) and Jeremiah Curtin (b. 1835, d. 10 February 1906, New York), both of Limerick County, Ireland. Jeremiah's siblings are Thomas (b. about 1837) and John (b. about 1844 in Ireland, d. 14 May 1914 in Brooklyn, New York).
Jeremiah's parents are John Curtin and Johanna Maloney, both from Ireland.

Any new information on either family would be greatly appreciated!

From: "e greene" 

Sent: 6/13/2018 11:39:49 AM

Subject: Elizabeth Curtin my 2nd gg

 Hi my name is Elaine Greene.  My 2nd gg was Elizabeth Curtin McBride married to Manus McBride.  I have taken DNA tests with FTDNA, ancestry and My Heritage. I have 4  FTDNA chromosome 14 matches with William Addison Curtin, Susan Miller 23.02 cm, Michael Curtin Rhode 22.51 cm and David Vorisek 22.51 cm (who I also match on ancestry and has a family tree). William Addison Curtin has Y-DNA67 FF J-M172 and Hugh Curtin ha Y-DNA67 FF R-M269.  On ancestry I also match Philip J Curtin 57 cm.  I found through David Vorisek’s tree that we connected through James Curtin, Elizabeth’s brother. And found other aunts and uncles, and my 3rd gg William Curtin and Catherine Keating.  I recently found and met my cousin Ginny through ancestry.  My grandmother and her mother were sisters.  We have come together to try to find more information on the Curtin’s, and I stumbled up Clan Curtin.  We would appreciate any help you can give us.  And if we truly are part of the Curtin Clan would love to join the Clan to meet other family members.  Thank You Elaine



Phil Gilmour sent following message on 5/28/2018

Good evening. I am trying to put together information about my Curtin ancestors. My grandmother was a Curtin & I have traced back to a Thomas Curtin (& my Gt g’father was Mortimer Curtin) who was born in Cork 1818 & died in 1878. I would really appreciate any information or links. My husband & I are visiting Ireland in July (from Sydney) & I’d love some more concrete info. Kind regards Phil Gilmour 

Charles Hayes sent the following message on  4/26/2018


this is my Curtin story: Michael 1800 married Mary Shanahan had two sons that I know of Patrick and Augustine. Augustine married Catherine Molohan and had Mary, Patrick, John, Edmond, Michael and Margret who married John Moloney and that is where my family's branch starts. If any of this ties in somewhere like to hear from you. thanks have a good one.

From: Mercedes on April 26, 2018 2:21 PM

I have many Curtin cousins.  My grand uncle Timothy Daly was married to Nora Curtin, (Listowel, I believe, but haven’t found her birth yet,) so their children are my cousins.  I have many others.  Margaret Daly Broderick, my grand aunt, her daughter, Catherine (Kitty) Broderick, married Denis Curtin


BIRTH 28 JUN 1878 • Abbeyfeale reg, Ballycommane, Newcastle West, Limerick, Ireland: DEATH 30 NOV 1954 • Abbeyfeale, Newcastle reg Tournafulla, Limerick, Ireland.

So their children, Kathleen & Jerry Curtin are my 2nd cousins, PROINSIAS Gerard Mac Curtain is my 3rd cousin, of course.

But, there seems to be so many others, and suspect I may be related to the Curtins in countless ways.  I have DNA match which I do believe is in Kerry, because my Great grandparents were many times sponsers/godparents to their children, but I forget her tree off the top of my head, haven’t fully found that match yet, but I do believe our connection is in Brosna, Kerry, whether there is a record of it or not, since I find no connection and less possibility in the New York Line, and I am pretty sure my family was in Ireland long after they emigrated there.

Sorry to take up so much time here with my questioning.  Thanks in advance for any insight you may have into this. 

Take care now,

Mercedes Galin-McVey

Phoenix, Arizona

 Also: since I am looking for the family of a Nora Curtin, (Father: John Curtin) married to Timothy Daly (later changed to Daley) who emigrated to the USA, dies in Chicago, (I did a small tree on them,) do you all have a board or place to post an inquiry for anyone that might know this family?  She had a sister who married a Cusack and lived in Chicago, “Nellie Curtin Cusack.”


Amanda Curtin sent the following message on March 28, 2018


Hi looking for family history, dad was Daniel Gerald Curtin born 6/11/58, granddad was Sean Daniel Curtin, and Grandmother is Margaret Curtin, dad was from Rockchapel and moved to Donoughmore, my great aunt was Nun Michelle Curtin ( also known as Nora) who's picture sits in the back of Rockchapels church with a bench outside with her name on it, she moved to America, i was told we we're part of the Dan Jackie Clan but looking to find out more, my partner is Donncha O'Flaherty, Mother is Margaret O'flaherty, her family were also from Rockchapel and her distant family were also Curtins, trying to find out how far back the link is if anyone has any information x

Carolyn Ahern  sent the following message on March 25, 2018


I am trying to trace a branch of my maternal grandfather, Michael Joseph Ryan, whose sister Susan married Michael Curtin on April 30th , 1914 and they resided, at least for a time, on the Curtin farm in Drumevin. They had the following children:

John Patrick - born 2/21/1915
Michael - born 9/10/1916
Thomas - born 12/18/1918

That is as much as I know about the Curtin connection.

Susan Ryan Curtin's parents were John Ryan and Mary Fitzgibbons who were married in Inagh on March 16th in 1879.

They had the following children :

Susan - baptised 5/5/1880 - who married into the Curtin Clan
Mary - baptised 6/29/1882 - who emigrated to the US - New Haven, Ct
Bridget - baptised 10/2/1885
Michael - baptised 9/27/1888 - my grandfather who emigrated to the US - New Haven, Ct
John Joseph - baptised 10/22/1891
Anne - baptised 10/23/1895
Margaret baptised 12/2/1897

It appears from the 1901 census that Susan and her family resided in Ballyea South.

The 1911 census shows that Susan's parents & brother John , Mary and John Joe (age 18) were living at 6 Carrowkeel, East Ballyea. I believe that John died shortly after the 1911 census at age 57.

Any information or connections anyone can make would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,
Carolyn Ahern 


Kevin Curtin sent the following message 3/13/2018


Greetings !

I am writing you from near San Francisco because I will be visiting Ireland in early June.
I thought that I might try to research or obtain some genealogical information about the families of my grandfather and grandmother who were both born in Cork City and emigrated to the U.S. around 1900.

Here is what I know:

both of them were baptised at the St. Anne of Shandon Church in Cork and I found their baptismal records church's record book.

My grandfather, Jeremiah Joseph Curtin was born on Feb 3rd 1879 or 1882 (or 1878) Cork City and was born at Farren St

My grandmother, Johannah Bowen was born on July 13th 1883 in Cork City.

I would REALLY appreciate any further information you can provide or if you could refer me to someone who can help me.

Thanks very much !!!

Elizabeth Brown  sent the following message: 1/26/2018


Hello, I'm doing some family research and looking if you may have more information. The bulk of the family seems to be centered in Troy, Albany, Waterford, and Rensselaer area. My great grandmother was Dorothe Rita Curtin born in 1901 in New York she married Frederick Andrew Brenz born either 1892 or 1897. Her parents were George E Curtin born 1864 in New York, married in 1887 to Catherine F. born 1864 in New York. His parents were Patrick Curtin born Feb 1839 or 1840 in Ireland died 1900 married in 1863 to Mary E Palmer born maybe in Washington County, New York. I think that he came to the USA via Canada possibly in 1848 as he is listed with a brother that was born in Canada. I think that Patrick's parents are Dennis Curtin born 1793 or 1800 in Ireland married to Mary born 1794. They lived in Elmira New York and Patrick may have married for asecond time according to the 1865 census. Dennis and Mary are listed with 4 children Anna born 1863, Dennis born 1838, Patrick born 1840, and Andrew born 1842 in Canada.
Pateick and Mary E Palmers Children are as follow:
Sarah S born Dec 1865
Elizabeth R May 1877
Susie or Suzie or Susan
George E
George E Curtin and Catherine F children are as follows:
Catherine R 1889
Elizabeth F 1891
George E Jr 1892
Gerold or Gerald 1898
Dorothy or Dorothea R 1902
Thanks so much for any help.


Carmel Curtin Burke carmel sent the following message: 11/30/2017


My Dad is from Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland. His grandfather John and John's two brothers Timothy and Michael went to Brookfield, Mass in late 1800's. Only my dad's grandfather returned. Is there any way to trace what might have become of Timothy And Michael.
Also, Roland Curtin, (the father of Andrew Gregg Curtin Governor of Penn. who was prominent in the civil war), left Clare in the late 1700's is there any record of Roland's family background in County a Clare and who his relatives might now be in a Clare.
There is no connection between The Curtins of the Roadside Tavern and ourselves.
These come from the descendants of the Miltown Malbay Curtins whereas our Curtins
originally came from Kilfenora, Co. Clare but my relations went to Lisdoonvarna in the middle 1800's.
Many Thanks.Carmel Curtin Burke.


NICHOLAS HOUSTON sent the following message on 11/8/2017:


Hi - My Grandmother was Mary Josephine Frances Curtin from Cork, Ireland. I am trying to find her birth date and mother's maiden name. She was born in 'approx' 1884 and married James Mackie in 1915 in London, England (she died in 1962 in Weybridge, England). I don't have her Father's name, although we think it might be Cornelius Curtin, a Cork Farmer.
Any help would be gratefully received.
Nicholas Houston

Maureen Haynes Wentling  sent the following message: 10/19/2017

This is in response to Colleen A (Curtin) Termini of 1/29/2015

I believe my grandmother Bridget (Della) Curtin was a sister of your grandfather Daniel. The family resided outside of Carrigaholt, Clare and there were several siblings. Your information about a sister Mary who resided in England for a time is correct. Daniel and his brother John emigrated to the US. Bridget also emigrated in 1912 to Chicago and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio where she spent the rest of her life.
I had a chance to visit Clare in 2004 and was able to find some folks who remembered the Curtin family, although no one remained in the area. I believe you may have meant that your grandfather was born in the corner of a room in Kilrush, which is in the general area rather than Kildare. The neighbors who remembered the family told us that the original house burned down, but that a new house had been rebuilt and was still standing. Through the unsurpassed hospitality that can hardly be described of these wonderful West Clare residents, we were able to meet and enter the second home of the Curtins. It was tiny--so with the seven or so children in the family--I would not be surprised that giving birth was relegated to a corner! The gentleman who lived there at the time told us that the Curtins were involved in Irish nationalism--so that could be a possible reason your grandfather was jailed.
We were told of another Curtin who had passed through the area a few years earlier, and with a flurry of phone calls around the Loop Head, we were given the name of Patrick Keating, son of Mary Curtin Keating (your grandfather's sister), who resided in Virginia. Once home, I was able to connect with Patrick and we were able to meet. He was able to provide me with some more family lore. Sadly Patrick passed away the following year (2005). Patrick recalled his Uncle Michael (Mary, Bridget, and Daniel's brother) joined the British Army and was disowned by the family, but that Mary's husband insisted he be invited for dinner at the Keatings one time when he was in the area.

Ondria Hart (nee Curtin) sent the following message on 9/20/2017

Greetings. I'm hoping to find some more information about my paternal great grandfather and his ancestors. His name was Bryan Patrick Curtin born 27 March 1879 in Dublin. He married Nelly Daisy Gee. His brother was Cornelius Curtin. I've heard reference to a family home that was in Khyber Pass. Bryan and Nelly emigrated to South Africa in the early 1900s around the time of the Anglo Boer war. His father was Patrick Bryan Curtin and his mother was Helena Curtin nee Dixon. This is as far as I have been able to trace. Bryan and Nelly had Maurice, Desmond and another (who passed as a baby) all born in South Africa.

Allegra Sleep sent the following message on 9/5/2017



I have been trying to find out more on our ancestor who emigrated to the United States. Charles McCurtain (1770-1796) who married Margaret Odgen in 1792 in England and they came over together. I believe that he is from Ireland. He died very young. (His widow remarried, Felix Rock, in 1799, in Ohio.)

Charles and Margaret had two children before he died, Margaret W. (b. 1795) and John Alexander (b. 1796) in Kentucky.

Looking for more information on Charles McCurtain, please email me at if you have any clues. Thanks! 

Leyla Kayi  sent the following message 8/21/2017


Hello. I am trying to determine if I am a descendant of one of your Curtins. My great grandmother is Bridget Lane. She came to Massachusetts in the 1870s and married Michael Looney. On their marriage certificate it notes Denis Lane and Ellen Curtin as Bridget's parents. I've looked at documents on your site and wasn't able to find anything directly connecting me to folks listed. I've only found one document that lists Denis and Ellen as being from Brosna and that was a request for 1855 census data that was filed by a woman name Nora, during the early 1900s. Anything you may be able to share would be greatly appreciated.

Leyla Kayi
South Hadley MA USA

Christine Conroy  sent the following message:7/29/2017

My name is Christine Conroy.
My mother in law was born in Kilarney in 1932, in the County home. She has no birth certificate and was given a name that bares no relation to her real name. She has had a DNA test (ansestry) and we are slowly traking down her relatives. They are all from Brosna in Kerry. Surnames Horgan and Mulcahy. We believe there is a connection to Curtin but as yet we have been unable to proove it.
I found Margaret's pages on the internet invaluable for searching, especially for graves in Brosna and surnames. I have realised that the site has now been discontinued. Is there any way I can see this data to help my search?
Thank you

Sherrie Hardin sent the following message on 7/9/2017:


This is the rundown on the Curtin part of my Draddy line; who immigrated via Boston to New Britain, Connecticut
John Curtin (born circa 1830, Jeremiah Curtin b. 1828 father of Father Jeremiah Curtin), and Dennis Curtin b. 1826 - all born in Ireland).
John married Ellen Murphy (born circa 1831 Ireland),
their children;
Jeremiah b. 1856
Mary Jane b. 1857
John M. & James -twins b. 1859
Dennis b. 1864
Catherine b. 1865
William b. 1868
Ellen b. 1869

Their son John M. (OCT 1859) married Mary E. Keefe 20 OCT 1891.
John Curtin was an undertaker and furniture Dealer, his Funeral House (and I assume, home) is an historic landmark in New Britain. Their children were;
John Joseph Aug 1892
Edmund Walter Dec. 1893
Helen E. Jul 1895
Mary Angela Jul 1896
James H. Oct 1898

Mary E. Keefe was the daughter of Edmund O'Keefe and Elizabeth Draddy b. 1833; Cork, Ireland)

Dean McElwee sent the following message on 6/27/2017



I wonder if you could help. I am researching my wifes Curtin ancestors. Her grandfather was Thomas Leo Curtin who was born in Ireland, possibly between 1910 - 1920. He had siblings Dennis, Stephen, Lawrence (just some of apparently 16 kids in total) Thomas Leo came to South Africa, we are trying to trace parents of Thomas Leo and up the line if you have


John Curtain sent the following message: on April 28, 2017

My name is John Curtain, I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and was born on 9 August 1937 although my birth certificate lists a different date.
My great grandfather was David Thomas Curtin, born Nov 1831 in Brosna, County Kerry, Ireland. He emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, and arrived on 18 Nov 1857 per the "Princess of the Seas". He had been in the Irish Constabulary for some years and joined the Victoria Police Force as Constable Number 256.
He married Mary Anne Ryan on 31 Oct 1861 and they had five children, one of them being my grandfather John Thomas Curtain.
Though being born David Thomas Curtin and his Police Records of which I have a copy listing the same spelling, the surname subsequently changed to Curtain as did that of his brother Bartholomew.
My late aunt Marion did mention once of an incident that happened in Ballarat where he was stationed that caused the name change but being young I never followed it up.
So here we have a name and birth date difference which would not be unfamiliar to most readers. On with the story.
A couple of years ago I was in Melbourne and visited the Old Coburg Cemetery where my grandparents John Thomas and Catherine Curtain are buried. I wanted to view the grave as quite often helpful information can be gleaned from these sites. Alas, the imposing granite headstone simply carried the name "Curtain". As I was about to leave I spied a hutch with what seemed like a map of the cemetery behind an outbuilding and being a "Curtain" I just had to have a look. It was certainly a map with historical sites marked together with names. I nearly fell over when I read John Thomas and Catherine Curtin, same christian names but different surname. Then I noticed that the grave was marked in a different section of the cemetery. I just had to have a look. Sure enough the grave was clearly identified and easy to find and contained the parents of Australia's wartime Prime Minister, John Curtin.
Had not my great grandfather changed the spelling of his surname this would have been a super coincidence. All my life I have been asked if I were related to John Curtin and explained the different spelling which in reality should have been the same.

Are we related? Probably, but I will never know.


T. Yazmine Tingle on 4/25/2017 sent the following message:

Great Evening,

I am Yazmine Tingle. I am the Great great grand daughter of Thomas Fitzsimmons, wife named Catherine. He was Born August 23 1741. He also had a twin sister, Ann Fitzsimmons (I want to see a pic of her <3 My Aunty). I am the grand daughter of Claude Fitzsimmons his grandson. Claude, my grandfather was the son of Catherine and her husband Robert. Claude married my grandmother Estelle stokes and my mother, born to them was Claudette Fitzsimmons and my two uncles Raynard and Charles Fitzsimmons
I am learning so much about my family and would like to have a copy of Book 4. Please tell me how I can get it!

Thank you SO much!
Yazmine Tingle

Additional info from Yazmine

Ann Fitzsimmons my great great aunt married a Curtin in the 1800's, Around 1856... She is the twin sister of Thomas Fitzsimmons,  my Grandfather One of the signers of our great constitution of the US.


Gaye sent the following message on 4/17/2017


I am trying to trace my deceased mother's family. Her name was Anne Marie Curtin. She was born Dec 1926 and left Ireland to work as a nurse in England where she married and settled. She was from Ennistymon. Her father's name we believe was Michael and we are not sure of her mother- could be Elizabeth/ Marie but really just getting. Would love to know anything about her family as she was a very private lady and did not reveal anything. Before she arrived in England around the age of 18- again a guess she used to work I believe in a hat shop. Sorry to be so vague.

Fingers crossed someone can help.


Pat O'Looney sent the following message on 4/13/2017:


Any Curtains from Ennistymon county Clare Ireland?


Ronald Carmody sent the following message 3/6/2017


I strongly believe my 2nd great grandmother was Johanna Marie Curtin B. 1834 Abbeyfeale, Limerick. She married Daniel Harnett (or Hartnett). Her parents John Curtin & Mary Relehan. John's parents John Laurence Curtin from Barna Hill, Templeglantine, Limerick (not that sure of location) and Johanna Brosnan.

Daniel & Johanna had I believe 9 children. Laurence Curtin Harnett Sr immigrated to the US (Chicago) 1883-1885. I have details on Laurence Sr's family after that.

John Kennedy fowarded the Curtin Clad information as we believe we share the Curtin genes. My father and I have had DNA test; My father both FamilyTree YDNA (which I have). I have these DNA records.

I would be VERY interested in addtional information and connections to the Curtin Clan!

Thanks. Ron

Lynn Bouchier sent the following message on 2/24/2017



I am looking to find Anna Catherine Curtin Brooklyn New york. I believe she was married to Garrett Curtin who was Irish and came to America in 1948. 


Oliver Curtin  sent the following message on 1/8/2017:

 Hi, I wondered if anyone here can help me. My name is Oliver Curtin, and I am trying to trace my grandfather, Patrick Joseph Anthony Curtin. He was born in 1932 to a Patrick Joseph Curtin and Ellen Curtin (maiden name Garvey), in Ballinvoher.

 All I know of him is that he married my grandmother in Grays, Thurrock (London) in 1955. I believe they divorced a few years later and no one ever heard from him again.

 I'd be very keen to trace his whereabouts! Thank you in advance,



Mary Lynn Gallagher sent the following message on 9/25/2016:


My grandmother was Maggie Curtin from Manhattan, New York. My great grandparents were Patrick and Lizzie Halpin Curtin from Ireland. I am trying to find some connection to my family. My grandmother had siblings, Regina, Mamie, Nellie, Josephine a twin Johanna that died at birth, Daniel, George and Joseph. Maggie lived in Buffalo, NY but her siblings I believe stayed in the New York City area. If anyone out would have any information I would really appreciate it. Thank you for any consideration regarding this matter.


Mary Curtin Cook sent the following message on 9/24/2016:


I am looking for information on my father's family. My father was Durwood Curtin, born Jan. 13, 1911 in Junction City, KS. He had a brother, Donald, and a sister, Eileen. They grew up in Denver, Colorado. I believe my dad's mother was Mary Snyder born in Chapman, KS. I believe she was married to Thomas Curtin, but I know nothing about him. Any info would be appreciated.


Bella Walker sent the following message on 8/18/2016:

Hello my name is Bella Walker. My father's name was Michael Curtin. I do not have much information about my father , only that he lived in New Lynn Auckland New Zealand and died in 1982. He worked on the railways all his life. My dad went out with my mum who was part Maori and her name was Kathleen Walker. She passed away of Cancer when she was 38 years old and I was 10 years old , so I never asked after my dad. I was brought up with my grandparents and when I was 22 years old I went to search for my dad.I found him and met with him twice , in the January of 1982 and he passed away in the March or April of the same year. I think he had a heart attack.
We looked very much alike. Both having dimples when we smiled. The likeness was very uncanny. I am 55 years old now and I do not know if I have any brothers or sisters. It was lovely to meet him , and I would just like to know if there is anyone who might know my dad?


Daryll O'Dwyer wrote the following message on 7/30/2016


Hello, I have been trying to find anything on my great great grandmother. Her name was Mary Curtin who was married to John O'Dwyer/Dwyer Miltown Malbay co. Clare. She was born 1812 ish and died Oct 20, 1862. At 50 yrs old. She is laid to rest in a family vault erected by John O'Dwyer of M.Malbay for his beloved wife Mary in Kildimo Cemetery Kilmurry Ibricken Annagh/Mullagh near M. Malbay, Clare. They must have been married some time before 1840.They had several children, John, Biddy, Thomas, James, David C. (my great grandfather who came to the U.S. in 1868), Ellen, William, Mary Jane, Edward, Margaret. I have looked online line at just about every website and asked a number of people if they have any info that would be a possible link to Mary. Still no luck. I just happened to find your webpage, so I thought I would send you this email. I have her listed in a 1839/40 M. Malbay parish census with John Dwyer and then again in the NLI baptisms of children starting 1840 birth of Thomas. Miltown Malbay. I have no baptisms of first born's, John and Biddy. Also no birth of Edward, however I have his death record. I also have death records of James, William and John Sr. John Sr. had property along with property rented from Moroney's in M.Malbay. Any response to this email would be appreciated. My Mary Curtin had to have had a relative somewhere. Thank You, Regards, D.O'Dwyer

Judith Levine sent the following message: 6/29/2016


Did any Curtin emigrants who arrived in America change their name to Curtis? I can't find anything re: our emigrant, John Curtis b. about 1822 in either Clare or Cork. He was married to a McMahon and his first Irish born son was Patrick and his next son was American born, James Francis Curtis, who married an O'Brien. I have no idea of the county of origin of any of the three. So frustrating. This is the line we are so much like. Thank you for anything you can contribute to our quandry. Jude Curtis Levine

Sam Johnson sent the following message on 6/10/2016 :


I am trying to find connection between Curtin and Foley families. Abbeyfeale, Limerick.

Mary-Claire Uselding sent the following message on June 3, 2016:

Hello! My 2x great-grandfather was Patrick Curtin from Co. Clare. His wife was Mary Ann Talty, most likely also from Clare b/c that surname is very common in Clare but nowhere else. Patrick emigrated in about 1857. From at least 1861 on (if not earlier) he was a resident of Washington DC. He was a tailor, a Civil War Veteran and active in Irish-American affairs. Some research suggests he MAY have been born in Lavarreen Townland, not far from Ennistymon, and that his parents MAY have been John Curtin and Margaret (maiden name not known with certainty). His and Mary Ann's surviving children were, in order, Mary, Margaret H., Elizabeth A. (my great-grandmother), Teresa, Clara, John M. and Francis R.E. 

I would love to learn more about Patrick's parents, grandparents, etc., even tho I know that's not likely to happen in Irish genealogy (sigh). And, of course, connect with other descendants of Patrick.


Tim Lyme sent the following message on May 2, 2016

Good afternoon Curtin Clan.

My name is Tim Lyne and my grandmother was Ellen Maher, nee Curtin, from Kilsheelan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. I live in Dublin, Ireland.

I was recently in contact with Maurice (Morrie) Curtin who gave me an email address for Margaret Curtin.

I have recently emailed Margaret with details of my Curtin family.

The reason I am now emailing is to advise that my son, Conor, had a DNA test with the following result - R-L21 which we understand is the male line of the Lyne
family.  So, as I am a descendant, as indeed my son is, of Ellen Curtin I am not sure if the dna process applies.

Perhaps you could advise. Thank you,


Harold T Ward on 4/27/2016 sent the following message:

(from a message to John Buckley concerning my family tree)
In my family I have Catherine Mary Curtin (1830-1885) married to John Ward (1830-?).
In your tree you have Mary Catherine Curtin (1830-1885) married to William John Leahy (1820-1905). In each case Catherine Mary or Mary Catherine is the daughter of David Curtin (1800-1848) and Elizabeth Emperor. They lived in Cayuga County, NY. I believe Mary Catherine and Catherine Mary is the same person. Maybe she married twice. I believe that John Ward, husband of Catherine Mary, was the brother of my great grandfather, Patrick Ward, who settled in the town of Niles, Cayuga Co., NY after immigrating from Mt. Collins, Ireland in the 1850's. I have heard that John Ward moved to California and my family lost track of him. I believe he had no children. Do you have any information about this?
My home town is Moravia, NY in Cayuga Co. There were a a lot of Buckley's in that area.


Pamela Spencer sent the following message on 4/29/2016:

Hello everyone, My maiden name was Curtayne which I believe is a derivative of Curtin. I am trying to trace my Irish roots. My great grandfather was Patrick and was born around 1840 in Ireland and married a lady from Londonderry in Northern Ireland (Honora) of Scots origin (the Plantations) Have you any advice or information that could be useful in my quest, I would be very grateful to you all.

Note: suggested Family Finder test at FamilyTreeDNA ( and joining the Curtin Project there.



Lee Stroschine sent the following message on 4/19/2016

I am looking for information on Timothy Curtin married to Ellen Ring and daughter Catherine Curtin. Catherine Curtin was born 1807 in Ireland and died in Iowa 1893. She was married to John Collins.


Gordon Gipson sent the following message on Saturday, March 19, 2016

I am trying to find the marriage of John Curtin born 5 June 1809 in county Cork, Ireland and Catherine O'Connell born in 1817.  The US 1850 census has an 8 yr. old boy Garrett  and a 7 year old girl Mary living with them in Great Barrington, Berkshire, Massachusetts.  The children have the last name of Bany or Bally.  Was Catherine married previously to John? Any information on John and Catherine's marriage would be appreciated.  John's parents are my Timothy and Ellen are my 4th great grandparents.


Sharon Hansen sent the following message on 3/2/2016:

I am looking for Curtin from Castle Island Ireland. My husbands great grand mother was Julia Curtin born 1862. I can not find any information on her other than she came to the US in 1876 and married Bryan Mahony from Castle Island Ireland. Thanks, Sharon

Peggy Boyd sent the following message on 1/31/2016:

I would like to join the group and purchase book number 11. Can you tell me how to order it.
My 3rd great grandfather was John Curtain, born 1806 in Patrick Wells, County Limerick. Married a
Johanna ? Moved to Canada after 1822. Daughter Mary moved to Washington Co. Kansas in 1870.
I cannot print the membership form as my printer isn't working.


Margaret's books can be obtained by emailing her - click on Curtin Books tab.

As an alternate to printing the membership form, download it. It's a Word document.  Fill it in and email it to us.



Mary Beth Sammons  sent the following message on 1/29/2016:

Dear Margaret:
First, thank you for putting together your site. It is beautiful and very helpful.

I got your name and site link from Christine Mulder, who I have met through in the search for my grandfather, Austin McMahon.

Evidently, I am the great-great granddaughter of Julia Curtin 1848-1913, who married Timothy Edmond O'Connell. Their daughter, one of 13 children, Ellen "Nellie" O'Connell was my grandmother and the mother of my grandfather Austin McMahon.

My mother, Isabel McMahon was Austin's daughter, Nellie's granddaughter and Julia Curtin's great-granddaughter.

I am writing to you to see if you might possibly have some clues or be able to point me to resources that might.

My mother, Isabel McMahon, died last year. She NEVER would talk about her father Austin, because he left her, my grandmother and her sister when my mom was two in the late 1920,s. Four month before my mom died, she asked me to try to track down whatever happened to him.

I have found his parents, and Julia Curtin, but it appears his siblings all died before they were 30 or younger and I can only find a record that has him dying in 1945 in the British Navy.

Anyway, since Julia had 13 children, I am wondering if any of Austin's 12 aunts and uncles - or now the great, great nieces or nephews might hold some clues.

Thanks so much,  Mary Beth


John Curtin sent the following message on 1/22/2016

I am from Lisdoonvarna, Clare, Ireland. My grandfather John and his two brothers Timothy and Michael went to Brookfield, Mass in late 1800's. Only my grandfather returned. Is there any way to trace what might have become of Timothy And Michael.
Also, Roland Curtin, (the father of Andrew Gregg Curtin Governor of Penn. who was prominent in the civil war), left Clare in the late 1700's is there any record of Roland's family background in County a Clare and who his relatives might now be in a Clare.
Many Thanks.
John Curtin.


Diane Colonnello-Curtin sent the following message on 1/1/2016

I am just starting to look for my Curtin roots- Edward Augusta Curtin is my grandfather and his father is Richard J Curtin and Ed lived in Lowell, Mass but I have nearly nothing on their ancestors. Need to find any help with this. Thanks


Jeffrey S. Curtin sent the following message on12/19/2015

I am from Loudonville, NY. I reside in Albany, NY. Son of Clayton T. Curtin Sr. and Elizabeth M. Curtin (Hodak). I am now employed as a Night Auditor @ The Fort Orange Club of Albany NY.


Maryellen Vander Sluis sent the following message 12/11/2015

Hello - My great grandfather was Michael Curtin. As I understand it from a cousin who is of the generation prior to mine, his father was Martin and he came from Lissycasey, County Clare. He came to the USA with his wife Catherine O'Connor Curtin and one son in the mid-1850s. The couple had 3 more sons and a daughter before she died in Houston Texas @ 1873. He then married my great grandmother in Houston in 1876.

I did the DNA test on and uploaded it on FamilytreeDNA recently. Is there a way in which I can use this test to participate in the Curtin Clan research? I saw on the welcome page that there was a connection between testing and clan membership. Maryellen


Janet Curtin sent the following message on September 18:

Hello, We are related to the PA. Curtins, William and Tommy. Would like to come to a gathering some day.

Ann Marie Gilchrist sent the following message on July 30, 2015

Message for Sam Johnson with regard to his message sent 2013 with regard to Curtin Quirke connection.
If you are still looking for information I might be able to help if you would like to
contact me - I am a descendant of that connection.  

Note - original message was 3/2/2013.

A copy of this email was sent to Sam Johnson


Dee O'Donnell Levine sent the following message on July 25, 2015:

I graduated St. Margaret Mary grammar school on the northside of Chicago in 1965 (yes 50 years ago)..Our kindergarten teacher was "Miss Margaret" Her last name was Curtin or Curtain. We are trying to locate her to see how she is..we all loved her..I have our Kindergarten picture 1957 with her in it..she would be at least 84 years old. Can you help?
Thank you..Dee


Kathleen Curtin sent the following message on 6/13/2015:

Kathleen Curtin has just had her debut novel published. It is called, MADAME LUNE, a psychological thriller set in Paris. The publisher is Open Books Publisher. The early reviews are very positive. It's available online on all Amazon, ibooks, Barnes and Noble etc, paper back, all digital formats, and in select books stores. Kathleen Curtin grew up in west Limerick Ireland and having graduated with a doctorate in geography from UCC, Cork Ireland, moved to Paris. She studied at La Sorbonne funded by a scholarship from the National University of Ireland. Today she words as an English Language teacher and consultant in Paris, and writes. Just check Kathleen Curtin Madame Lune and you will get all the info. Thanks if you mention this. 


JILL DRESCHER  sent the following message on 5/21/2015

I am contacting you for some help.
I am trying to track down information on Jeffrey O'Connell or Ann Ryan.
Their son Michael married married Ellen Bourke. You have added me to the tree quite a while ago but I am heading to Ireland soon and am trying to find my roots so I can visit.
Thanks Jill

Ann Marie Gilchrist sent the following message on April 17, 2015:

I have been told verbally that my paternal great grandmother was Ellen Curtin from Brosna who married William Quirke from Mt Collins - she died in 1945 aged 87 hence a birthdate of of 1858 approx. I am looking for further information about her parents and siblings but unsuccessful so far.
Again verbally I was told that my maternal grand aunt (lenihan) married Curtin from
Tournafulla circa 1900 again any information would be welcome.
Many thanks


Andy Latty sent the following message on April 8, 2015:


My Grandmother was Janet Watkinson Curtin (1907-1990) who married Alfred Holgate Latty (1900-1980) in 1927. I understand she mentioned a famous relative in Australia, who I assume was the PM John Joseph Curtin?

I wonder if you have any evidence of a link or details of my possible Australian relatives.

Best wishes

Jeanne Tharp Taylor sent the following message on 3/30/2015: 

My mom was a Curtin from Hartford, Connecticut her father was Paul Aloysius Curtin.  She was the only child, but I would love to see his family tree if he is part of this clan. He was married to a Jane Carroll. My mom's name was Ann Carroll Curtin.

Lisa Miller sent the following message on 3/1/2015:

I am trying to find information regarding my maternal great grandmother's family. I saw Kate Quinn and Dale Harrington mention something related to me. My great grandmother is Helen Theresa Cassidy. She died in Pennsylvania on March 27, 1989. Her mother is Margaret Jane Curtin and Margaret was married to Thomas Joseph Cassidy. I have her father as Patrick Curtin married to Mary Bell, but that's all I have there. My grandfather Edward Augustus Erwin says his grandmother Margaret Jane Curtin is the niece of Andrew Gregg Curtin. I'm thinking maybe great-niece. Does anyone know of a Patrick Curtin and if he is related in any way?


Vickie Jean Gaines (Pierce) sent the following message: on 1/2/2015

My father's name is John Richard Pierce-birth name is Curtin, but he was adopted by stepfather after his mother divorced John "Jack" Curtin-son the Abbott and Abbey Curtin of Vancouver, Washington (Clark County) I never got to meet any of them because of the divorce situation. Anyway, just checking for a connection. Thank you. ps-my father is 81 and I am 58. :)

Kevin O'Keefe sent the following message on 11/16/2014


Based on research that I have done I believe Mary Curtin (born in 1813) married to Michael Ahern is my great great great grandmother. Their daughter Elizabeth (also known as Bess) married Jeremiah Nolan and had three children - Mary, Michael & Hannah. Jeremiah Nolan passed away shortly after Hannah Nolan was born. Can you provide any information on Jeremiah Nolan? Hannah Nolan is my great grandmother. My grandmother is Elizabeth Keane.

Thank you for anything you can share.



Donn Smith sent the following message on 10/30/2014

Good afternoon...I am trying to trace my wife's paternal grandmother. Her maiden
name was Julia Curtin. She came from Ireland after 1900. She married Cornelius
Quirk. They lived in Hartford CT. Both are buried at St. Benedict's in Hartford.
Her gravestone lists her years as 1885-1941. His were 1887-1918. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Susan Margaret Mary Curtin  sent the following message on 10/18/2014:

My great grandfather, David Curtin was born in Canada. His father came from Ireland with the Peter Robinson Immigrants to what became Peterborough. They arrived in 1824. David Curtin wrote a few poems-one about he death of his son, William Curtin in October of 1918 while serving in the army during the First World War. I cannot find this poem. If anyone has any information about the poetry I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

With thanks
Susan (Curtin) Sanders 


Claire Anderson sent the following message on 10/13/2014


I am researching my family tree and looking for details on my grandmother - Julia Curtin. She was born in 1916 in Limerick. Daughter of Daniel Curtin and Ellen Curtin (nee Brosnan) from what looks like Killacullen (but could be Killavullen from my google research).

I am really in the early days of my research and came across your website and wondered if you would be able to point me in the direction of good sources of information or anyone who might be able to provide some insights.


Anne Connelly sent the following message on 8/24/2014

Hello, My great grandmother, Ellen Curtin from Abbey Feale, Limerick was born in 1860 and emigrated in 1880 to Chicago where I have cousins. This makes me 1/8 "Curtin". I am a child neurologist in Saint Louis and would love to receive the Curtin Clan newsletter. Many thanks.


Note: The Newsletter is sent quarterly to Clan members.  The "To Join" tab contains instructions.


Beth McGinnis Schroeder sent the following message on 7/23/2014:

My Curtin connection is a paternal greatgrandmother Catherine (Kate) Curtin, born about 1853 in Mobile, AL, US. Her parents were Thomas Curtin (about 1826-1871) and Margaret Howe (about 1828-1889). They were both born in Ireland, but we don’t know what county or town. Their children were John, Kate, Thomas, James and George. The immigrant Thomas,Sr had a younger brother Michael also in Mobile who married Ann Joice. Thomas took in Michael’s children, John and another Kate when their parents had both died. A court record exists regarding guardianship. Thomas and Michael both served in the Civil War and survived. Military records exist. There are also census, naturalization, marriage and baptism records. None identify parents or origin other than Ireland. Can anyone help us find this information?


Mike Donnelly sent the following message on 5/24/2014:


While I don't believe I'm a Curtin, I am curious to know if anyone in your group might be able to help or guide me to a person who can. Through my genealogical research, I recently met a woman who is John Fitzgerald's (a tailor, born approx. 1845) great granddaughter. John's daughter married a Curtin and the woman I met said she has some Curtin cousins in the area who might be able to help provide me information.

My great grandmother's name was Mary Barry. She was born on Oct. 4, 1882 in Knockaclarig to parents John Barry and Mary Coughlin. John Barry died in 1888, and Mary remarried in 1890 to John Fitzgerald, the man mentioned above. They had one daughter together, Eileen Fitzgerald. Mary Coughlin Barry Fitzgerald died in 1892.

I'm curious to know if anyone in your group might know of any Barry or Coughlins from Knockaclarig or if any of John Fitzgerald's descendants are still alive and would know if any of my Barry/Coughlin relatives are still in the area.

For more information, here is my website with my great grandmother's information. If anyone you know might know more about these people such as where they're buried, if they had any siblings, or if anyone related to them is still alive, please let me know. I would be very very appreciative. Thank you!!!

-Mike Donnelly (New Jersey, USA)

Sam Johnson  sent the following message on Friday, May 09, 2014

Do you have Cornelius J Curtin, President of the Farnhams Lime Co (Farhnams MA) He died in the late 1930s in East Orange NJ?


Lloyd Browne sent the following message on 5/5/2014:

I have just discovered that my maternal grandmother Margaret Browne (nee Lahey) was the daughter of William Leahy and Mary Catherine Curtin. Margaret Lahey was born on 13 January 1853 in Rockhill, Newmarket Parish Rockchapel County Cork.

I would be interested to know if she and/or her mother appear(s) in the genealogies of the Curtin family.



Barry Curtin sent the following messages on April 24, 2014:

I would like to be a member of the organisation , and curtins have been in this area since the 12th century !
I am a retired teacher with a fascination for history and I have been part of a lead team who created a heritage /centre in our village of Watergrasshill , if the Curtin clan ever want to have a gathering in cork we could facilitate it here in the centre and develop a historical pageant to suit  


Both my Father and Mothers ancestors are from the Watergrasshill district !
The families on both sides at my 2 great grandfathers time were evicted during the land wars of the 19th century and my grandfather on my mothers side ended up at the southwest part of co.Cork in a town called Bantry, then my mother came to Watergrasshill to visit her aunt and met my father. So here we are again !!


Nicky Jenkins  sent the following message on March 21, 2014


To Sheila Morrison. 

 I believe you are my cousin Sheila from Gloucester, Massachusetts. I am also working on the Looney/Curtin line. Let's get together. I have information on Sheila Nickerson, your mother's sister. 


Note: message forwarded to Sheila on 3/21/2014



Dale Lawrence sent the following message on March 10, 2014:

In response to Rosemary Nicholls sent the following message on February 3, 2014 I'm actually trying to figure out the exact same question. We are distantly related, Townsend Ignatius Curtin is my great great uncle (my great grandfather being Michael John Townsend Curtin who is Townsend's brother). I believe my uncle has a book produced by Margaret Curtin (the Curtin genealogist from QLD), if I work out we are, I'll let you know. At the moment I have traced both our decendants back to Ireland and also PM John Curtin's. Hopefully this book will shed some light on this question, I'll keep you posted. 

Note: message forwarded to Rosemary on 3/10/2014


Judith Robertson  sent the following message on 3/1/2014:

My Great Grandmother Mary Curtin was born in Ballingarry Co Limerick in 1845 her parents were John Curtin and Ellen Morton she emigrated to Australia in approx 1858 at the age of 19years. She may have had a sister Catherine Ellen Curtin. I have recently taken the family DNA test and would sincerly like to find some information about my Great Grandmother's family in Ireland.  

Response from Margaret, Clan genealogist  
    Mary Curtin was born in England of Irish parents.  I will send Judith what I have.


Suzanne Rowley  sent the following message on Feb. 18., 2014

I am the Business Manager at John Curtin College of the Arts. I have had a request from a Bob Morrison who lives in the USA. His grandparents travelled to Australia several times and have two watercolours painted by Abraham Needham, John Curtins father-in-law. He would like to contact a living relative. Can you please help me? Kind regards Suzanne


Rosemary Nicholls  sent the following message on February 3, 2014

Hello there. I am a Curtin (though married now) and my father is Keith John Curtin born in Australia circa 84 years ago. His father was Townsend Curtin also born in Australia and lived in Jerilderie, Victoria Australia. I can find out more information regarding birth dates and other ancestors but I believe that we originated from County Cork Ireland. If I find out more are you able to help me trace the line and to ascertain if we are related to the PM John Curtin? Thanks very much . Rosie Nicholls (nee Curtin)


Colleen A. Curtin Termini sent the following message on January 29, 2014


My Grandfather, Daniel Joseph Curtin was born in a corner of a room in Kildare ( might be mistaken) in 1905 or 03. Sorry not much help. He married my Grandmother, Margaret Kelly from Carrigholt. My Grandfather fought and escaped from jail and came to America by way of a cattle barge through Canada because he had escaped from jail in Ireland. I just googled the name and you came up. I am in Florida on vacation so I don't have any information to fill in blanks. His family was quite large, one of his brothers was Patrick, I think he had only, but not sure, was Mary who settled in England. I am not sure but I am thinking that I will ask my Mom for more information. Anyhow, Th


Anne Fitzsimmons sent the following message on  January 10, 2014 10:27 PM


Subject: Immigrated to Newcastle N.S.W. Australia.

Unable to find any record of our grandfather arriving on the ship from Ireland they say the ship was called Deniliquin in 1889?

He then married Charlotte Tiernan 2nd.November,1897 at St. Marys by the Sea Roman Catholic  Church in Newcastle. NSW. If you should

Have any information I would greatly  appreciate it.


Our family around 7 Adults will be visting  Limerick and Cork during 2014 will keep in touch with you if that's O.K.  Thank you so much

For your help in this matter.


Regards Anne Fitzsimmons


Kathleen Schrock sent the following message on 1/11/2014

Regarding, Michael Collins sent this on June 11, 2012  Looking for relatives of Catherine Curtin, born in Cork County 1807 who married John Collins and immigrated to Iowa, USA in 1844. I, too am a descendant of Catherine Curtin and John Collins. I have a pretty extensive family tree that I could share with Michael, if he would like to contact me.

Note – email forwarded to Michael on 1/13/2014


Ellen Curtin Andrieu sent the following message on 12/26/2013:

My great Grandfather James Curtin moved to Rochester prior to 1921 when my father was born. He was a blacksmith and had 8 children that died of the flu with one survivor James Curtin of Rochester NY. my Father Francis J Curtin had a Aunt that was a nun named Frances.


Sheila R Morrison sent the following message on Monday, December 23, 2013 11:31 AM

Hello Curtins

I came across the Curtin Clan web site and I was very excited to learn about you all.  I am the granddaughter of Julia Curtin, the sister of Tomas MacCurtain. I have my grandmother's birth certificate and copies of her marriage and citizenship papers. My grandmother married a Looney and came to Boston in 1914 with my mother and siblings.

In October I was in Cork for Rebel Days and attended the opening of the "Cork's Rebel Lord Mayors Exhibit"  at the Archives in Blackpool. There I met a Cousin, Finnoula MacCurtain. And I visited with the current Lord Mayor, Catherine Clancy. It was a wonderful celebration.

I live in Seattle WA but I grew up in MA and lived there for many years. Are there any Curtins in WA?, CA? Boston?--places I travel. I would love to meet some of you.

I will go to my computer and join the Clan so I can learn more about all of you.


Dale Harrington sent the following message on 12/18/2013

In response to Kate Quinn's inquiry. My five great grandmother Mary Curtin was Andrew Gregg Curtin's aunt. Roland Curtin was Andrew's father. Roland operated the Curtin Ironworks near Bellefonte PA


Kate Quinn sent the following message on 12/14/2013: 


Hi, My name is Kate and I am a sophmore in High School. I really do not know too much about my Curtin lineage which I have been trying to figure out. I came across this site when I was looking up my great great great great etc. grandfather Andrew Gregg Curtin. I am related to him on my father's side whose mother, Katharine, is from the Curtin line. My grandmother (Katharine Curtin) married William Quinn, my grandfather. That's really all I know right now, but I should be able to find more information. Bye for now :)


Dorothy Marie Curtin sent the following message on 12/8/2013.

Daughter of Walter Francis Curtin. Grandaughter to Joseph Andrew Curtin. My father Walter was born Sept 1919 and died Nov 23 1984.


Elizabeth Curtin sent the following message on 11/26/2013:

Just started this search. My father was Edward Joseph Curtin, Esq. His father was deputy chief, NYC Fire Dept.


Ellen Curtin Andrieu  sent the following message on 10/19/2013:

I will be taking a trip to Ireland in March and I would very much like to visit the area where my ancestors came great Grandfather is James Curtin in Rochester NY. Any information about my family history would be greatly appreciated.


Patricia Morgan responded to Ellen Christina Murphy's message:

Hi, are you Tom and Hannah's daughter from Charleville?


Ellen Christina Murphy sent the following message on June 23, 2013



My name is Eileen Murphy.  My father was Thomas Murphy from Ahane Cross,

Brosna, Co Kerry.   My paternal grandfather was known as John Murphy but he was born to Mary Murphy from Ashford, Co Limerick.   Mary gave birth 1894 to John in the Gortboy Workhouse, Newcastlewest, Co Limerick and did not leave the workhouse until she married in 1904.  John's baptismal certificate names the father as John Curtin.


Mary married a John Murphy from Scart, Knocknagashel, Co Kerry in 1904.  Mary's parents were Catherine Reidy and Patrick Murphy who lived in Ashford, Co Limerick but I have no information, at present, regarding any siblings to Mary.   As you can see Murphys marrying another branch of the Murphys.


I have recently had my brother's DNA tested by National Genographic.  The result was that we belonged to Halogroup J, F761.    F761 appears to be a new strand of the J DNA and indications are that this strand belongs to Curtins.


It is quite unbelievable to be able to trace the lineage of my grandfather's father, even though grandad was illegitimate.


Bye for now


Elspeth McPherson sent the following message on June 1, 2013:

Looking for any information on John Curtin (appears in England later as 'Corten' then 'Kirton' variously) from Cork, birth likely c. 1811. Son, John, born 1830s, married Catherine Reynolds, in England. John senior is listed as a soldier. If anyone is familiar with the changing guise of the Curtin name, probably in this case hearing an Irish pronunciation, please do let me know. 


Jeffrey S. Curtin sent this message on 3/5/2013

Born 1-2-1964, Father; Clayton Thomas Curtin, Watervliet NY



Andrew John Curtin sent this message March 2, 2013


I am Andrew John Curtin, 62 years old.  Please send me your online survey!  I would be interested in joining the Curtin clan website.  My family (great grandfather) went to Scotland from Ireland (Cork) in the mid-19th century.


Sam Johnson sent this on March 2, 2013 

I am looking for a Curtin/ Quirk connection in County Limerick as a guess 1830-1850.


Teresa Sweetman sent this on January 31, 2013

I just started researching my Curtin ancestors and stumbled on this site. My great great great grandfather was John Curtin who married Johanna Maloney. They had a son, also a John Curtin (my great great grandfather) who was born in approximately 1844. John emigrated approximately 1868 to New York. John (my great great) married Julia Moriarty who emigrated from Kerry. John was a quarryman and lived in Rosendale, Poughkeepsie, and Brooklyn. When they lived in Rosendale from 1869 to 1880, they lived next to Jeremiah Curtin and Thomas Curtin. John Curtin (my great great) died in 1914 in Brooklyn. He and Julia had three children: Josephine (aka Johanna) (1870-1946), Cornelius M(aka Neil)(1873-) and John L. (1876- ) I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me trace back further or anyone related.


Robert Curtin sent this on January 5, 2013

I do not know much about my dads side other than my grandmom's name was Eima and my father is the yongest of 7 grandpa died just after I was born in 1964 he worked at a sawmill around Crownsville MD. I got my middle name from him Earl.


Victoria Curtin sent this on December 30, 2012:

    Corporal J Curtin died 4th Sept 1918 age 33. Left a wife and three small children. My great grandfather. buried in a military graveyard in Yppres and his wife never found him in her lifetime and she outlived my grandfather. A sad story within living memory I think.


Michelle Curtin sent the following message on 11/18/2012:

I was wondering how I could find out more about my family line. my grandmother passed on and I tried but didn’t get to far. My father was Philip J. Curtin the 2nd and died on sept.7 1993


C. Pennington sent this on August 15, 2012

    Does dr. Constans Curtin have any living direct descendant. I have a 1817 medical book signed by him. It must have been one of his books.


Henry Wellsmore sent the following message on June 24, 2012

    I am wondering if the clan has contacts in Australia and whether your research covers the Australian Curtins. My grandfather, Michael Joseph was born in Tournafulla in 1867 and came to Australia in 1882 (he married Charlotte Tiernan in 1897 ad had 2 boys and 5 girls)and I want to find info about him especially between 1882 and 1897 when he married my grandmother and also about his father (John Curtin, farmer ) and his mother (Ellen O'Sullivan) Can your organisation assist me in these areas? I am prepared to join the clan. Thank you Henry Wellsmore



Michael Collins sent this on June 11, 2012

Looking for relatives of Catherine Curtin, born in Cork County 1807 who married John Collins and immigrated to Iowa, USA in 1844.



Lynda Roberts sent this on May 5, 2012

    Hello - I have just been introduced to your site by a Curtin cousin. I have Curtin ancestors including my Great Grandmother Catherine Curtin of Rathea baptised 1 August 1828 at Kerry Rc Parish Church, parents Patrick Curtin b1800 and Catherine Connell, Witnesses Daniel Curtin and Ellen Connor, Page entry 304 Record Identifier KY RC BA 383456. Catherine married my Great Grandfather John Skehan b1823-1915.



John Curtin sent this on April 25, 2012


    I have lost touch over the years with my heritage and family. I want to re establish and connect with my family line history and possibly reconnect with my family members. I know nothing of my mothers family or heritage. I know a little of my fathers heritage and family numbers but have lost contact with them over the years. My parents are both full blooded Irish. My fathers family came from County Cork, My name in Ireland would be Sean Patrick MacCurtin, my fathers name would be Shamas Brendon MacCurtin, (please excuse the spelling). My grand fathers name was Daniel and my grand mothers name was Catherine, the had a sons named Micheal, Daniel and a daughter named Morien. If you could assist me in reconnecting with my family history and possibly reconnecting with my family I would feel really feel blessed not just for me but for my son of 23 years, (Sean Curtin) thanks again and have a blessed day.My mothers name was Catherine Hayes if that is any help. She passed when I was three years old.



Emily Severtson sent this on April 11, 2012 


    Hello, I am writing as I am curious to know more of my family history. I know very little right now. My grandfather on my father's side is of Irish heritage as well as English. To my knowledge it was his mother of grandmother who came to America where the spelling of her Irish last name was changed to Curtain. (This bothered my grandfather). My grandfather was a quiet man in some respects. Very intellectual and often had a hard time in "normal" conversation. He was quite intelligent and musically inclined. At one point several years ago he told me that on his mothers side, to his knowledge, the family of "Curtains" shifted to more of a scholarly mindset and were poets and musicians, and Christian. I don't know if you can do anything with this to try to give me any information or direct me in a path to gain more knowledge. My Grandfather passed away just before last Thanksgiving. He had a difficult childhood and I know he blocked a lot of it, as well as his time in Vietnam, out, so I don't know how much my grandmother knows...
Thank you,

   If I can find out the name of the woman (or other family members who may have come at that same time especially male) would that help?

Thank you,



    If I can find out the name of the woman (or other family members who may have come at that same time especially male) would that help?

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