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Many of us enjoyed sitting around the table listening to stories from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and cousins.  Many of those voices are now silent, yet our yearning to connect with the generations before us is still strong.  The Curtin Clan offers the opportunity to connect with stories that help us better understand our history.  

An important benefit of joining the Clan is connecting with Margaret Curtain, our genealogist. She has collected a wealth of information from buying up thousands of documents for Curtin families worldwide since 1977. She is a founding member of the Clan, and was presented the insignia appointing her as a Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland (CIOM) by the Irish vice counsel at the Chicago Gathering in June 2011. 


Another benefit is connecting with our DNA project coordinator, Dan Curtin. We have a number of Curtins who have participated and this will help expand your genealogy research.  We have quarterly newsletters and will have our next gathering in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland in 2021.


Sláinte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mná go deo! 

(Health to the men and may the women live forever!)

                                Patrick J. Curtin

                                     Clan Chief

Curtins in the News

Clare woman June Curtin was helped to cope with the grief of losing her husband to suicide thanks to sea swimming. (5/7/2021)


Michelle Curtin leads DWI Victim Impact panel in Yates County, NY. (4/23/2024)

Interview with Nancy Curtin, CIO and head of investment advisory at Alvarium in UK. (4/22/2021)


Curt Curtin will read his Irish American poems in Webster, Massachusetts on April 24th. (4/19/2021)


Jack Curtin tells the history of fishing in the River Feale, Ireland. (4/17/2021)


Consumer research platform Attest has appointed Sam Curtin as vice-president of sales in United Kingdom) (3/30/2021)


Daniel Curtin appointed to National Treatment Purchase Fund in Ireland. (3/29/2021)

Ann Curtin and her husband, Robert, are making their mark in Tehachapi, California by offering their friendly and competent services to the community.


Interview with Dave Curtin who joined music licensing marketplace Songtradr last April as vice president of U.S. partnerships. (3/22/2021)


Chat with Veronica Curtin, Irish camogie player. (3/12/2021)


Gathering 2021 has been postponed to September 22-25, 2022

Killarney, Ireland

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The Curtin Clan Newsletter is one of the ways created by our founder, Neal Curtin, to further the Mission of the Curtin Clan.  The quarterly issues feature stories about Curtin families, past and present.  It is where Members may share their family milestones and achievements.  There are articles about life in Ireland and its history and updates to the Curtin DNA Project. 

The quarterly Newsletter, only available to Clan Members, is accessible to the Members via our CurtinNews@groups.io Message Board.   An Archive and Index of all issues since 1999 are also available on the same site.

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A Timely Poem from

Marian Curtin

To view more of Marian's poems

click here




I love you

On this day

When you may be alone

Lost in your own thoughts

Afraid of the moment

The moment

We all fear



Spreading across

The world unseen

We cannot see it

Only its effect

On our fragile world

In its many cultures

To battle it

Our medical workers

In all roles

From the cleaners, carers

To the highest doctors

In all the lands

It has hit like dust

Across the world

Our role is simple be safe

In our love and kindness

Our sadness and sorrow

Our ability

To stand together

Even though

We are told to be apart


Go do something else

To freshen the soul

You know in our time of high anxiety

The mind is full of worry

But the soul needs nourishment

And quite time

This is where love is most powerful

By being safe

We are in a storm

How long the storm

Will last

Is in our hands

By doing

What is asked of us

We will reach calm waters

Sending our love

Across the world

We are strong

We will carry through the storm

With our hearts as one

All over the world


Marian Quinlan Curtin©

Templetuohy Thurles Co Tipperary


DNA Testing

It's a way to explore your heritage, connect with your cousins, and assist in building your family tree. 

Over 350 Curtin descendants are part of the Curtin surname dna project at FamilyTreeDNA (www.familytreedna.com). Become one of them.


If you have a dna test at ancestry.com or 23andme.com transfer your data for free.

Any questions or need help send us a message. Use contact us.

Famous Curtins

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